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A COVID-19 Vaccine from New Zealand

CVC (COVID-19 Vaccine Corporation Ltd.) proposes a unique approach to the development of a COVID-19 vaccine utilising New Zealand technology. We believe our approach has the potential to become a dependable all-round vaccine that induces a strong and broad immune response while being cost-efficient to manufacture at scale.

It is generally agreed that an effective vaccine is the only realistic approach to permanently lifting lockdown and mitigation strategies. There is no vaccine technology that is guaranteed to succeed and with the current unknowns about the virus, as things stand, any approach may or may not succeed. Every approach being tried has theoretical disadvantages as well as positive aspects. Only testing will show which vaccine candidates will succeed and surely, many will not.

CVC has been set up by four individuals in New Zealand who are all experts in their pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields. Expertise includes vaccine development and production.