Press Releases

30 March 2021: Local vaccine producer Covid-19 Vaccine Corporation secures more funding for its research

3 February 2021: COVID-19 Vaccine Corporation partners with The University of Queensland

7 December 2020: Covid-19 Vaccine Corporation changes vaccine strategy in light of recent international vaccine success

12 November 2020: Covid-19 Vaccine Corporation raises more than $1.5 million in equity crowdfunding in under an hour

26 October 2020: The country’s most experienced group of vaccine producers aim to raise $3.5 million through equity crowdfunding

4 October 2020: New Zealand’s Covid-19 Vaccine Corporation secures $3.3 million in funding

16 September 2020: Scion joins Covid-19 Vaccine Corporation’s effort to make New Zealand’s own Covid-19 vaccine via unique local technology

2 September 2020: Fonterra lends high-tech equipment to NZ’s Covid-19 vaccine developer to help speed up production

13 August 2020: Kiwi COVID 19 Vaccine Developer In Biobead Tech Collaboration

29 July 2020: Kiwi COVID 19 vaccine developer teams up with Callaghan Innovation

9 July 2020: Ardigen Enters Into Research Collaboration With CVC to Apply Artificial Intelligence for Identification of T-cell Targets

25 May 2020: Kiwi start-up gets Government funding to develop COVID-19 vaccine